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. >> watch that pile guys. >> first responders who were there for us. we are now going to be there for them. >> for the first time the government is acknowledging a link between cancer and that toxic mess at ground zero. good evening everyone. i'm
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carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. on this eve of the anniversary of 9/11 2 light beam representing the twin towers blasted into the night sky over downtown manhattan. here's a live picture of the freedom tower in new york city. it's lit up in red white and blue tonight. in shanksville, pennsylvania people paying tribute at the flight 93 national memorial. wall honors memory of 40 passengers and crew killed on the flight from newark to san francisco. tonight the government says first respon responders at the world trade center will get treatment for more than 50 types of cancer. 7 news reporter with the impact on some bay area first who volunteered and took the risk. >> on september 11, 2001, san francisco firefighters john seek was on duty at san francisco fire station one. >> started making phone calls asking each other feel like we have to do something want to do something. >>reporter: as soon as commercial planes began flying again he and 10 more from the station were on their way to
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new york. >> we felt the need to help our friend. we became friends with a lot of the guys out there. >>reporter: victor work was one of the 11 from san francisco fire station one normally firefighters from california would be covered for cancer treatment under state worker compensation. but because the san francisco firefighters were taking vacation time and went to new york on their own, there were question about his whether they would kawvl for the state program. federal decision today removes that uncertainty. >> puts us more at ease because there ace tremendous amount of guys that are coming out with cancer. so i guess there is a little bit of relief. >>reporter: at the time he says the risk of what they were undertaking really wasn't a consideration. >> people weren't thinking like. that just felt like had you to do something. that's what we do that's what we know how to do. what we could do. >>reporter: in the week after 9/11 firefighters in station 1 were joined by dozens of others from the bay area. menlo park fire chief harold says a lot of them came back sick. >> we were one of the first
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team recognized that something was seriously wrong with the people who had responded. >>reporter: he says he would still go again but maybe do it a little differently. >> we definitely got ourselves into something that we weren't necessarily fully could go is in anti-of what it was. >>reporter: over the years research done at uc davis showed that toxin in the air around ground zero were brutal. sharp contrast to the epa assurances weak after the attack that the air was safe to breathe. insptor general report found that the epa statements were misleading. agency did not have enough information to make those assurances about the air quality at ground zero o. researchers at uc davis say the sight was health threat for months after the attacks. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. man would say truck killed a woman when he drove the pickup truck on to walnut creek sidewalk has 2 convictions for driving under the influence. 53-year-old walnut creek rest didn't arrested twice in
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ventura county in 2005. he regained his license in october 2,000 9. he is being held on vehicular manslaughter charges. 52-year-old santa barbara woman died. her daughter inlaw remains in critical condition. police say a 17-year-old alameda teenager was shot in oakland this morning after he tried to rob the wrong person. off duty san francisco sheriff's deputy. it happened around 1:30 am near lee street near lake merritt. police say they arrived to find one man suffering from at least one gun shot wound. second man who identified himself as off duty law enforcement officer says he shot the man during attempted robbery. replica firearm also found. teenager is in the hospital tonight. >> somber day today as profession escorted the body of officer young strom to a funeral home in the napa valle valley. services will take place on thursday. he was shot and killed last week on interstate 6 80 in alamo during a traffic stop. vick lee
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tonight with today's emotional procession. >> gives us closure for our guys. obviously won't see him again. this is our one and only chance to show our respec respect. >> a battalion chief spoke for his colleagues. at 12 noon officer young strom began a somber journey leaving contra costa county for the last time. 37 year veteran of the chp was married father of 4 children. his body had been at the john muir medical center in walnut creek for almost a weak. his organ harvested after taken off life support. >> large contingent of officers on motorcycle and in patrol carsi code the hears wound its way toward vallejo. >> some people that were on scene treated the officer here today. this is part of healing process for them as well. >>reporter: waiting firefighters got out of the fire truck and saluted the fallen officers. as motorcade
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passed the golden gate division headquarters of the chp officers and citizens line the street to pay their respects. mets indicated headed up to the napa valley. all along the way police and firefighters stood at attention saying their goodbye to one of their own. on highway 29 2 fire truck top overpass raise their ladder and attached a huge flag. final leg of the procession chp helicopter dipped over the motorcade. followed the hears to the funeral home. hears arrived at the morrison funeral chapel at about 1:20. almost hour and a half after it left martinez. the chp escorts lined up at the entrance while the flag draped casket was carried that the home. in the motorcade officer young strom family members. she came to pay respect at the funeral home said what was on the minds of many today. >> just want to tell them that we are all standing with them
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and praying for them in this time and their life. >> emotionally draining trip for the east courts. some of them had been at the shooting skeechbility i spoke to self of them off camera and they told me today was part of the healing process. this is abc 7 news. >> that memorial service for officer young strom will take place on nurse vac aville. scheduled for 10 in the morning at the mission church on leisure town road. >> school hour patrol stepped up on the route children take to and from school after a 15-year-old girl fought off a man who tried to grab her last thursday. she is doing okay. the interim chief of the gilroy fire department has now resigned after getting caught buying alcohol for a minor. 52-year-old roger bloom cited for misdemeanor offense friday night as part of undercover sting operation in santa cruz county. he agreed to purchase licensing or for a 20 year old working as decoy for the county
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sheriff's department. former alameda county supervisor locker returned to drug rehab after answering criminal dmarjs southern california. she faces drug possession and child endangerment charges. orange county prosecutor say she was under the influence of methamphetamine while her 9-year-old son was with her last week. >> i am extremely happy to be receiving the help that i need and focusing on getting healthy and i hope to inspire many, many many others to do the same. >> the judge will let her visit her son as long as her estranged husband state treasurer bill is present. he resigned from the board of supervisor ins april. much of the raider nation in place very early for tonight's home opener against the san diego chargers. big changes coming to the coliseum this season. wayne has the story from oakland. >> invading alien landed on
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earth in the parking lot before an oakland raider game they might take one look, turn tail or else surrender medley. yes raider fans can look that frightening. >> silver helmet on the head is carved out of a gored and fortunate because like everyone else attending the game had he to pass through a metal detector. new nfl league wide policy. >> every time every stadium every game every guest. >>reporter: this is not just about you raider fans. >> the way i feel in about it yes i kind of feel like going through an airport. >>reporter: do they need it. >> yes they do it has to be over kill because too much going on people are lasting their lives over. we didn't have that in the past like this. >>reporter: but now we do apparently. over kill paired with over indulgence and sometimes in a good way. >> one of a kind. >>reporter: pete owner of the most tricked out raider tribute
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truck we found today. it does everything. >> down. up. to roll. you thought of everything yes. >>reporter: including a picture of his wife sylvia on the door. they have been married 25 years. here she is in 3 dimensions. >> quite a truck. >>reporter: you must be quite a wife. >> that's what everyone circumstances we can attest to. that she's quite a wife you are wondering pete spent 50,000 dollars on the suspects. he spent 12,000 dollars on the paint job. he says he has about 140,000 dollars that the truck. we asked how much he spent on season tickets for the raids. 2000 dollars. at the coliseum 7 news. that is quite a commitment. toy store jumps into the xaw xawter war. up next show you the tablet for toddler. >> plus the new i-phone 5 what will apple unveil at the next
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product announcement. stoke a rumor mill already going full speed. >> and remember the man who put the friend ri in user friendly? >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. summer may winding down but it's not turning off the warmth. i give you a look at rising temperatures coming our way in my accu-weather forecast. >> a i have a man with a gun in the parking lot. >> also dramatic new video tonight of the sikh temple tonight of the sikh temple shooting in awchlingt you will
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>> grass fire burned about 3 acres this afternoon directly below some pg&e transmission lines. we were overhead as firefighters worked to put out this fire near valley view dry. it burned along the ridge of the hill but never spread through to nearby trees. nobody was hurt. >> evident to monitor air quality near chevron refinery will be improving. officials reached that decision during a public meeting about last month refinery fire. the bay area air quality management district also decided that refinery ri will pay for additional air monitor. the toxic cloud from the fire sent thousands of people to the hospital. air officials said that's because the smoke traveled so far up into the air then disbursed.
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air pollution monitor failed to detect any big increase in smoke particles. man known as the father of the lap top personal computer has died. bill is creditd with the explain of the first clam shell lap top p c. the grid compass 1100 is famous for going up in the space shuttle during missions in the late 80's and early 90's. also the first portable p c for the armed services. until that point mobile computers were like portable sewing machine waiing weighing more than 20 pounds with a big handle. bill died this weekend from cancer. he was 69 years old. his legacy continues. toys-r-us launching its own tablet computer aimed at children. it will sell for 150 dollars. 7 inch screen. wi-fi connection and 50 pre-loaded kid friendly app. >> anticipation builds for the launch of apple phone 5 j p morgan says the phone could add up to half percent of the
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nation gd p. speculation abounds about what new feature the phone will v. l david has sifted through the rumor mill and here's everyone's best best guesses. >> almost everyone seems to have an i-phone 4 s on the san jose state campus. they use to it talk text and play music even for navigation. christina would like app toll make one big improvement when the new i-phone comes out wednesday. >> i would like to it process instead of regular map. it's hard to drive and look at the phone at the same time. so many times i'm almost like hitting a car because i'm trying to look and drive at the same time. >> tech log speculating for week how apple will improve the next i-phone. consensus sims to be a larger screen thinner. listeninger battery life. operate on high speed 4 g network and will have a smaller dock connect or. but one feature on many a wish list is built natural new i-phone. near field communication which would turn a smart phone into a mobile payment device.
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>> walk in a store. just grab the items. swipt card that's all. don't need to bust around with a wallet or taking out change or money just quick. >>reporter: apple already put out a colorful logo for wednesday media event. the stripes appear to be stretched out icon which could be a hint for larger screen size. even were you the knowing details yet, elizabeth is ready to upgrade. >> i do have a 4 s. >>reporter: so that means you are going to have to pay out of contract. two year contract up. >> yes it will be up in december. >>reporter: so you timed this perfectly. >> yes, i did. >>reporter: others will wait. >> i'm not going to get the fichlt i lake this one. >>reporter: you are not the type of person to jump in to have the latest one. >> not at all. i'm content with the one i have. >>reporter: some analyst project that apple will sell estimated 8 million of the new i-phone between now and the end of the year. if so that could boost the gross domestic product of the u.s. by 8 billion dollars. in san jose,
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abc 7 news. we are expecting more warming temperatures through this we can. it's lovely throughout. >> lovely out there. might get to the point where we call it hot later this week. live view from the high definition roof top camera. embarcadero on clear mild night around the bay area. relatively cool in some spts but not chilly. we have operative word is warm as we look ahead. here's our live doppler 7 hd radar image showing you that we have very also in the way of coastal clouds and and fog at the moment. mild conditions. 58 in san francisco. 62 san rafael. 69 fairfield. 76 antioch. inland east bay still quite mild cooling down overnight hours as fog returns overnight. see warm days ahead through the weekend and highest temperatures likely to be thursday friday and saturday right at the end of the week and into the weekend. overnight tonight we see some fog developing along the coast and move locally beyond the coast few inland spots. low
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pressure will range from low 50's to mid 50's most part down to 48 at santa rosa. here's a lack at the water vapor satellite image. a little dip in the jet stream. a little trough that is not really going to have much of a cooling influence on our weather at al all. weak trough. significant factor for our weather we look ahead the huge mass of warm air that is headed our way that will of course contribute to our big warm-up into the week. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning see fog in. quickly burn back to the coast and away from the coast in many spots. sunny skies again tomorrow with high pressure ranging from mid 60's in some committees tall location to 70's low 80's around the bay to low 90's inland. take a look at the south bay where it's season and warm tomorrow with high mainly in the low 80's. 84 san jose cupertino 87 and los gatos on the peninsula upper 70's to low 70's. redwood city pal on the and mountain view and coast pacifica 62 degrees. 64 at
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half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 tomorrow, 63 in the sun set district, yes sun in the sun set direct tomorrow. north bay sunny warm high mainly in the mid upper 80's. 87 in calistoga. 87 santa ros rosa. mid 90's clover dale ukiah clear lake in the far north. east bay high 75. oakland 76. san leandro 79 at castro valley and free mochbility inland east bay the warmest region of the bay area with high right around or above 90 degrees in most locations. 90 at fairfield. pittsburgh 9 92. livermore and brentd with and monterey bay high of 68 at watsonville 72 at santa cruz and inland mid upper 80's at morgan hill and gilroy. 7 day forecast, we see mid 90's inland by thursday friday sachlts low 80's around the bay mid upper 60's on the coast on wednesday thursday friday. so some nice warm coastal weather and temperatures will hold in
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that range pretty much through the weekend into early next week with just a little bit of tapering off of temperatures. it's a warm week ahead. >> nice time of year typically where we get the warm temperatures. >> mid september is that the end of summer. >> still summer. >> thanks spencer. >> caught on tape. buys open at yell stone gives a little boy a scare he will never forget. stay with us. the forget. stay with us. the news
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looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry.
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efpl new study shows marijuana use may increase the risk of certain types of test particular cancer in young men. the usc study of 4 55 california men found those who smoked pot were twice at likely to have been diagnosed with the tumors. most common form of testicle in men younger than 3
9:25 pm
35. the it says smoking marijuana may have lasting effect on lasting fertility and over all health. >> 2 men rescued from sinking plane off the coast this weekend described their har owing ordeal. here's video taken by the coast guard. you can see the single engine cessna floating about a mile offshore from moro bay. 36-year-old shaw and 77-year-old father flying from southern california to british bc when the plane lost power. shaw says the plane equipped with pontoon landed in 8 foot seas and that it finally sank just after he was hoisted off the pontoons by a helicopter rescue team. >> harrowing encounter wild life at yellow stone national park for group of young vacat vacateers in caught on tape posted on you tube this group of children get dangerously close to a bison you see here. more shocking the adult camera
9:26 pm
encouraged the approach then chased after this little boy named justin. joel stone chamber of commerce posted this video as a warning of the danger of approaching animal in the park. never a good idea. >> up next. last game. >> it's not over until it's over. >> these boys of summer reach the autumn of their lives. plus 2 new chapter in the war on terrorism. al qaeda leader is killed. local man arrested in mexico. battle on the high sea. pirates and hired guns go at it. the investigation into this viral shoot out. 7 news
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in the war on terror. al qaeda no. 2 man in yemen has been killed apparently by a u.s. missile strike. he fought in afghanistan and spent 6 years in guantanamo prison. he was killed with 5 others in a car targeted by a drone. he ladies al qaeda branch considered one of the most active in the worl world. he had targets all over the world including in the united states. >> police in suburban milwaukee released portions of dash cam video from the day a gun man killed 6 people at sikh temple last month. murphy helped a victim outside the temple. moments later the shooter ambushes and shoots murphy 15 times. you can see him there in the background. the officer survived. another officer then arrived on scene and ebingts changed gunfire with page wounding him. >> i have a map with a gun in the parking lot. drop the gun.
9:31 pm
drop the gun. [ gun fires]. >>reporter: in all page killed 6 peo 4. he later killed himself after a fire fight with another officer. muslim formerly from san jose arrested in mexico. fbi confirmed for 7 news that this man was arrested saturday on probation violation in connection with 2-year-old bank fraud case. he is suspected of being part of middle east terrorist group operaitng mexico and central america. he reportedly presented a fake passport from belize when arrested. he hasn't lived in san jose for 10 years. no you to very dangerous war on the high seas. between pirates and private security companies whose armed guards prosecute text valuable ships
9:32 pm
billions of dollars are at stake. dan harris filed this story for "nightline". >> it's a friday afternoon in the middle of the indian ocean one of the busiest shipping lanes on earth. area infested with somali pivrments you can see a pirate skiv heading to the american shipping vichlt i give you standby. >> commercial ship is carrying a crew of american security guards former navy seals. the team leader orders a warning shot. >> go ahead warning shot. but look what happens instead. massive blast of gunfire. pirates skiv driver hit or killed crashes into the side of the ship. by the time it was over and unknown number of pirates may have been killed or injured. this video offers a
9:33 pm
rare glimpse inside a largely hidden war being fought between somali pirates and private security companies. with american lives and billions of dollars at stake and now allegations that these maritime mercinaries are out of control. alleys that are even coming from people inside the industry. >> we absolutely fear that cowboy are out there. as a matter of fact i'm certain that there are. >>reporter: over the past few months "nightline"has gone inside this shadow high sea conflict. traveling from somali to miami to virginia gaining special access including to the company whose men were involved in this high sea shoot out. as you watch this you believe your guy's did the right thing at every step. >> absolutely. absolutely. >>reporter: tom ceo of tried interest security says what you can't see on the now infamous videotape is that as soon as his men fired warning shots the pirates opened fire. >> if somebody was to look at
9:34 pm
that and make a blind statement thinks indiscriminating killing then they don't know what is going on. >>reporter: he argued that his men who train here in the waters off of virginia beach are up against a determined sophisticated enemy. how bad is it out there. >> really bad because the sea men are scared to death. >>reporter: how sophisticated dangerous are the pirates. >> very sophisticated. getting better. >>reporter: since 2008 somali pirates launched more than 800 attack. carrying out 170 successful hijackings and taking 3400 hostages. at his home base in virginia, rob has a full mock-up of a ship that he uses for training. he shows me the shockingly thin ladder that the pirates use to board. >> they are nimble enough to climb on something like. that absolutely. >>reporter: shows me the arsenal the men bring on board to fight back. >> this weapon is for all teams that are out there. >>reporter: on this video obtained by "nightline"you get a fascinating look at what it is like when pirates take over a commercial ship. one 0th
9:35 pm
crewmen is filming surreptitiously as the pirates bargain with the captain. then as they await the ransom money they settle right in. cooking in the galley. even sleeping in the crew bed but they are not always this peaceful. last year pirates seized a yacht piloted by 4 americans and murdered them. we were able to go inside somali. place of famine. poverty and lawlessness one of the last remaining safe haven on earth for al qaeda. >> all you need is 30 seconds on the ground here to see how inhospitable this terrain is to any sort of life. >>reporter: is this one of the most dangerous places in the world. >> i really believe it's one of the most violent place yes. >>reporter: you look around the poverty is grinding. it's epic job opportunities non-existent. that's why so many young men here turn to
9:36 pm
pirating defend themselves shipping company now spend close to 1 billion dollars on private guards and that has attracted security firms from all over the world with varying levels of discipline. look at this music video made by russian marines. they blow up a pirate flotilla then do target practice on it. >> the rocket propel grenade. >>reporter: the american security firm nexus consulting says elements of his own industry are totally out of control. >> we 7 a lot of resume from individuals and the subject is put me in coach i'm ready to kill a pirate. >>reporter: tom can see there may be some companies who need to be reigned in. he points out state department confirms that there have been no successful pirate attack on ships protected by armed guard guards. so do not expect this
9:37 pm
controversial industry to disappear any time soon. "nightline"this is dan harris, in virginia beach. >> saving 1 million dollars by getting rid of 35 pounds. i'll explain coming up next. plus saying goodbye to the teammate you played with
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>> jury in los angeles is ordering joe francis the man behind the girls gone wild video to pay 20 million dollars to casino mogul steve winn. the jury found francis guilty of slander. francis claims that witch threatened to kill him over a gambling debt and bury him in the desert. they have been battling since francis racked up a two million dollar gambling debt at one of witch casino.
9:41 pm
>> american airlines will save more than 1 million dollars in fuel cosby letting the pilots use i-pad to reduce the use of reference material and manual in the cockpit. faa gave the final go ahead today. the pilot bag that held the manual weighs 35 pounds. >> here's a story for weekend warrior. especially the hard core who also play during the week. wayne found a san francisco city league softball team that has been winning championships for 35 years. but there comes a time to call it quits. >> they don't call male baseball players the boys of summer without a rope it's an attitude. >> goes back to when you are a kid. playing in the dirt. >> the weekly meeting of the floating rhino. >> i have been on the team at least 12, 13 years. >> i have been on about 20. >> 35. right from the beginning. >> they are all lawyers by the way. who began playing rugby at hastings law school and then transition to softball. champion many times over. team
9:42 pm
that has been around so long that it is hard to tell whether trophy have more injuries or the players. >> are you regarded as old men of the league. >> nobody has called us that. >>reporter: no. they still have a lot of pride but not as fast as he used to be. >> my reaction is shot i'm hurting the team. by the way i'm not the only one hurting the team. >> that's all right a.lot of baseball left. >>reporter: not really. earlier this season the manager made a decision. >> superstition about playing over 62. it's unlucky. >>reporter: so the floating rhino are done. you are watching the last game. where is the little leaguer new. >> still in there but not showing up tonight.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: true to form they played like a team. >> not over until it's over. >>reporter: what they said is not what they did. after 35 years the end of the floating rhino came mercifully fast. then one last formality for all the rhino present and past. >> 1, 2, 3. thank you. prisht. >>reporter: they said all the right things but in a crowd of lawyers, even knows the truth. when you play together, you stay together. when you dissolve you drift. >> well that's it. there's a life time. i figure we can still get together for pizza and beer every thursday. >>reporter: they have the memory. 2 decade to turn a boy into a full fledge man. if that man is lucky when he grows up the boy inside remains. in san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news.
9:44 pm
>> well played. coming up nex next. pet partner and perception. kind of dog you perception. kind of dog you have could determine
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9:47 pm
>> one of the first get guest on katie talk show is generate ago lot of buzz. sheryl crow talks about her adopted children, her failed relationship with lance armstrong and battle with cancer. she beat breast cancer but diagnosed with a be neighbor brain tumor. crow she is is he believes it was caused by her cell phone use early on. >> it's possible that it's related to that because early early days when i was promoting my first record i did hours of phonier on what the old archaic cell fen. >> right.
9:48 pm
>> tomorrow on katie she talks to the georgia graduate student who lost parts of her leg and arm to a rare flesh eating bacteria. plus katie take as spin with race car driver danica at 3 followed of course by abc 7 news at 4. >> so what does your pet say but? quite a lot according to study by young entrepreneur who hopes he can bring people together by way of the furry friend. jonathan bloom explains. >> this is a dachshund and this is christy his owner. what would your dog say about the kind of woman you are. >> that i'm fiercely independent. and i'm sassy. >> some say the dog speaks volume about you especially to a potential partner. >> dog like that. a little terrier? i would have been totally into you. yes. >> that's the idea behind a free i-phone app making waves here at the tech conference. connecting people by way of their pet. and learning some
9:49 pm
interesting things in the pro sichlts you can say cute picture and rate it for cute. >> he created social network that mimic what happens at a dog park. >> they start sniffing each other then the owner starts talking to each other like the general interaction. so with this we did the same thing. >> if you want love at first sniff. >> if you are a guy and you want to get a date then you should definitely get a husky or german shepherd. really works like a charm. >> according to the research at make men moretop the list of attractive to women followed by golden and lab retriever siberian husky and yes french bull dog. pit bull did not make the top 5. study showed women find guy with pit bull sketchy. what breed would make a woman most eligible to a man. >> dachshund ovbling of course. >> not that you are biased or anything. sadly the weiner dog did not make the list. study showed men are most attracted to women with golden lab
9:50 pm
retrieve. chihuahua poodle and beagle. >> chihuahua people that have chihuahua are considered not at intelligent those that don't. >>reporter: men often see women with chihuahua as one nightstand. golden retriever means she's girlfriend materia material. but whatever the breed, he says dog make the dating life better. who can argue with that. >> oh, yes she's a chick magnet. >>reporter: in san francisco abc 7 news. >> really just about any dog is a chick magnet for a guy. >> i better gate dog then. >> exactly. talk to you in a minute. first the weather. >> let's look at tomorrow conditions here in the bear. nice and warm. high pressure inland in the low 90's and look at the days ahead. accu-weather 7 day forecast we see temperatures climbing to the mid 90's by the end of the week and around in the inland location low 80's around the bay and mid upper 60's on the coast. great dog walking
9:51 pm
weather. >> speaking of. hue dogs here with lack at sports. >> not going to go there i have a big dog so there. >> cute little fluffy dog. >> i'm into larry beall up upstairs watching a raider game. national league west extra days in colorado. rockies jumped on the giants early. buster sends one early. buster sends one packing
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. saving oakland sports the mayor goes tailgating to try to keep the city team from leaving town. >> and from a fit i attack. vandal leave the markup and down a berkeley street but why here? that's what police want to know. all right right now big night in sports and mike has it all for us. >> start off a little baseball. giants incolorado month long run through the national league west tip was 5 and a half game lead over the dodgers into tonight's game. only 2 home runs in 37 games with the giants. top 2. crushes. cuts
9:55 pm
the rockies lead to 1 but the pitcher makes up for mistake. deep himself. pitcher hate that. first career home run. next batter. tyler lanes it off theship stayed in the game. in the the same afterwards. off the wall for a triple. 6-2 rockies. buster starts the come back. top 7. on first. see you. 2 run shot. 6-4. pull within 1 and bettencourt striking out toen the game. 5 game up on the idol dodgers. meanwhile american league wild card leading oakland a's in anaheim. hunter down the line off parker. game tied at 1. brandon moss. solo shot. 17 of the year 2-1 a's next innin inning. rarely goes deep.
9:56 pm
until tonight rough tonight for the home run and 2 hits. came in to close things up. swing toen the game. a's's win and win 10 on the road. third longest streak in:00 a's history. 49ers enjoying best road win in franchise history after beast the packer yesterday for the first time since 1990. total team effort and 49ers defense set the tone early they put the pressure on mvp quarterback rogers. sacking him three times. they also disguised the defense forcing the key interception late in the game by bauman which led to the game winning touch down. packers forced to throw 56 times. only 6 runs. the coach could not be happier with the defense performance. >> stand to reason that you are not just going to shut them down play after play after play figurative yard. but what you
9:57 pm
hope to do is not give up the big big play. if the run game or the pass which i thought our team did outstanding job. >> raiders hosting chargers as we speak. raiders not looking so shavrment only 2 field goal so far. have a 19-6 lead. even first game thinks horrible performance by the raiders. complete highlights at 11:00. >> first game of the monday night double header. ravens bengals. flacco accurate all day. hitting bolden in stride. quarterback of only touch down pass. to the raven. reid pick 6. nfl record for most return yard after interception. 1497. running back rice 68 yards 2 td he pound his way in. raven win easily 44-13. men final at the u.s. open held today. marathon between childhood
9:58 pm
rival djokovic and murray. we had the new york city. flushing meadow to be exact. 4 grueling set came down to the fifth. murray strikes first. djokovic finds the net. break 2 more times to go up. another unforced error. laboring. 5 hour match tying u.s. open record. murray serving on match point. serve long. after winning in the olympic win first major title, first british man to win a major since 1936. >> yes it's something i have never done before. i have been in this position many times and not manageed to get through. there are a lot of things you are thinking about. so relieved. >> he said he was really happy. yesterday lpga they play 18 hole 8 nims play off with no winner. far putt on the rim
9:59 pm
out and short par putt. south korean we understand the championship and longest play off in lpga history. paula hasn't won a tournament in 26 months. on tour. but immanuel 8 holes. they played the 18th hole 8 straight times yesterday they both parred it each time and took 15 minutes today to within the. >> so close. hadn't won an event in 26 months so she was due for a win. raiders it's ugly. back at 11 along with larry up watching the game right now. >> we'll have all the highlights and low life of that for you then. >> all right. >> thanks for joining us everyone. for all of us here at abc 7 news we hope you join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. of course you can always watch us on line at abc 7 as well. good abc 7 as well. good night for now.
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